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    High Sensitivity Smoke Detection Systems (HSSD) 

      Cirrus Pro

The Cirrus Pro Range of Aspirating Fire Detectors provides the earliest form of fire detection on the market today. Unlike other aspirating detectors, it uses unique cloud chamber technology making it impervious to false alarms caused by dust particles, humidity and temperature variations.

A key advantage is that it is able to provide detection of fire combustion at its true incipient stage - before smoke. It cannot confuse smoke with dust particles the way some other aspirating systems do. The Cirrus Pro provides the option of having true incipient stage detection of fire in virtually any environment. This makes the Cirrus Pro Fire Detector the world’s most versatile fire detection device. It is a drop-in replacement for similar systems that give nuisance false alarms.

Cirrus Pro Detectors have a proven track record in affording very early warning detection in dirty environments such as coal power plants, diesel plants etc. without the need for filters. It is also widely used in clean room applications such as server rooms, as well as shopping malls, cold storage rooms and warehouses.

The Cirrus Pro Series of Aspirating Fire Detectors provide a solution for almost any aspirating system project, from a single pipe detector with minimum ‘Fire’ and ‘Fault’ LED indications to a multiple pipe scanning detector with multifunction quarter VGA backlit LCD display. Programming for each detector is via a laptop computer or from an onboard or remotely mounted LCD display

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