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Fire Suppression



    Fire Suppression Extinguishant 


Environmentally friendly PYROSHIELD systems contain IG55 gas which is a clean, long term viable option to ozone damaging halon products.

The ideal, people friendly, no risk protection for high-tech installations such as data centres. Pyroshield is a breakthrough for the fire protection industry, the product is unique and contains naturally occurring gases that are freely available in the atmosphere.

There is no environmental impact with a Pyroshield system and it has an infinite life span. Full 3rd Party Systems Approval from Bureau Veritas. Marine Approval from SAMSA.

Sustainable Technology, environmentally and human friendly. No harmful HFCs.
Ideal solution for protection of high value assets or continuous processes crucial to the operation of a business.

Applications include server/control rooms, substations, archives, tape stores, cable rooms, flammable liquids stores.

Excellent field record, installed at AngloGold Ashanti, AngloPlatinum, Xtrata Coal, Impala Platinum, QMM, BHP Billiton, Standard Bank, ABSA, Dimension Data, Internet Solutions etc.

Extinguished fires at Hollards Insurance (JHB) saving them their server room.

How Pyroshield Works?

Pyroshield Gas extinguishes fire by reducing the O2 level below 15%, typically 12.5% - totally harmless to humans at this level.

All systems designed to ISO14520 & NFPA 2001, signed off by an ECSA registered professional

Pyroshield Advantages:

  • Technically proven

    Life safety, no obscuring cloud, no harmful decomposition products, no thermal shock , no electrical static build-up.

    Locally developed and manufactured.

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    Highly competitive pricing and value for money against imported products. (35% saving against imported gases)

    • Full technical backup and support in South Africa.

    Refilling times are quick and relatively inexpensive.

    • In line with global environmental trends and policies. No greenhouse gases or climate change contribution.

    Be aware of HFCs!



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