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Fire Consulting and Engineering 

Chrinica offers all our clients fire consulting and engineering services to provide added value to a project, not just satisfying minimum Code requirements. We specialize in reducing fire issues to understandable forms and helping to select logical, cost-effective solutions.

fire consulting


The macro fire defense policies will be designed to provide life safety and property protection, and to facilitate emergency management, while ensuring that the client can receive the greatest insurance advantage in respect of rates, terms and conditions.


The fire protection rationale for all projects will be fairly complicated due to different risk factors. This will therefore require an innovative approach to integrate the fire safety systems in a cost effective way and will necessitate a superior level of “hands-on” monitoring.
The fire protection designs for the various areas will be in compliance with the principles as contained in the National Building Regulations, SABS 0400:1990. Compliance with these regulations will be ensured by appropriate designs to achieve the following:

  1. Safe and timeous evacuation systems
  2. Minimizing the spread of fire
  3. Ensuring structural stability
  4. Providing smoke control
  5. Access for fire fighting and detection equipment
  6. Adequate water supplies
The above six headings are condensed from the National Building Regulations and are the only REGULATIONS that have to be complied with. All of the other standards are called Deemed-to-Satisfy Rules, and provide one way of meeting the intention of the six regulations, but are not the only way. For that reason the Rules are not mandatory and cannot be enforced.
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